Social projects management
is another dimension of the organization of work

New possibilities thanks to Projects Management application in HCL Connections

Related tasks

Easily create relations network
of tasks within a project

Resource management

Allocate your company’s
resources efficiently

HCL Connections integration

Preview projects as community activities
in HCL Connections

Intuitive task and project management

Projects management

Fast and comprehensive project’s planning is a best guarantee of it’s success. Projects Management application gathers information about designer’s team, current project and tasks in progress. It allows easy communication between participants and tracking project’s advancement.

Projects and tasks

Defining project’s structure with gradual division into individual tasks enables control over access to created documents. List of tasks assigned to a logged user is displayed in a simple view or in a table grouped by categories such as ‘waiting’, ‘endangered’, ‘overdue’ or ‘finished’.


Application enables supervision of tasks and projects in progress. It allows to track advancement and get early warning when keeping schedule is in danger. Colorful semi-circle charts showing ‘to do’, ‘endangered’ and ‘overdue’ tasks can be easily used as a efficiency report for a customer or a team.

Template management

When creating new project, you can start from scratch or use pre-defined templates. This function makes work simpler, faster and more effective, based on already completed projects. When using templates all you need to do is to change a start date and a time frame for individual tasks will fill out automatically based on past projects.<

Synchronizacja with HCL Connections

All information related to a project in progress can be stored in HCL Connections communities. The data synchronization mechanism between current and future activities in IBM Connections and application’s projects and tasks greatly expands software’s functionality.

Are you a Manager or a Member of a Team?

You will benefit from:

  • Intuitive projects and tasks management system
  • Efficient way of tasks and projects progress tracking
  • Monitoring human resources work load and organization’s resources allocation
  • Accurate estimations of time required to successfully complete individual tasks
  • Quick access to information on tasks complexity
  • Keeping information about projects and tasks in progress in one, central location
  • Graphical efficiency analysis of employees assigned to particular tasks