Social projects management is another dimension of the organization of work

Projects management in IBM Connections ?

With Projects Management for IBM Connections you will gain new opportunities!

Related tasks
An easy way to create a network of related tasks of the project
Resource management
Efficient resource will guide throughout your organization
Integration with IBM Connections
Projects will be visible in the community as an IBM Connections activities

Manage activities and executive team

Projects management

Quick and comprehensive project planning is the guarantee of my success. Gathering information about both the project team and the project implemented and executed in the framework of tasks enables easy communication between the participants and tracking progress. Quick access to information about the complexity of the tasks you can separate them to the right people and give them the necessary number of days of implementation.

Projects and tasks

Defining the project, along with the gradual decomposition it on individual tasks lets you control access to documents created and broadcast it to only the necessary information.

Template management

By creating a new project, you can create it as a blank project, or use predefined templates. Once you have created a project, you only need to change the start date, and the time range of the tasks will automatically be completed based on their duration.

Synchronization with IBM Connections

Synchronization mechanism of data between activities and to do items in IBM Connections, and application projects and created within the tasks, extends significantly the functionality of the software. This ensures that any information related to the project is carried out, can be collected in communities of IBM Connections.


The possibility of monitoring projects and carried out their tasks provides a quick way to track progress and catch possible risks.

Are you a Manager or a Member of a Team?

With us you get:

  • Intuitive management of projects and tasks
  • An efficient tool of tracking the progress of the project and tasks
  • Tracking load both human resources and other resources of the organization
  • Efficient estimation of the time required for each task
  • Quick access to information about the complexity of the tasks
  • Location information on ongoing projects and separated into its framework of tasks in one central location
  • Providing analysis of the effectiveness of the performance of the contractors of individual tasks
  • Power teamwork in the company

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