Social support is the key communication and collaboration solutions

What is IBM Connections?

Pioneering solution IBM Connections is a professional platform and proven technology. The first of this type of product on the market available for companies from 2007 and continuously developed. Offered by IBM security support and application development, in comparison with small companies, guarantees its customers stability and availability of the new version of the product. Extensive integration capabilities with existing tools, for example. Microsoft Sharepoint, MS Outlook, IBM Notes, plug-ins for MS Windows, LMS, allow you to customize the solution in such a way as to fully meet the expectations of customers.

The exchange of knowledge and experience

The taking of rapid and relevant decision, using the exchange of knowledge and experience, building teams cooperating with each other and   working more efficiently. Open, widespread communication and collaboration at every level of the organization improves the process of engagement managing units in the implementation of the strategic objectives of the company.

User profiles

The ability to create user profiles, along with effective search mechanism enables them to the natural process of the absorption of knowledge. The exchange of information, searching for an answer to specific questions can be obtained in a fast way, with the ability to reach out to experts in a particular field.

Themed communities

Thematic communities assist the work on projects, and shall make available to specific groups of employees. Available modules, files, bookmarks, blogs, wiki or the community serve as tools for knowledge-sharing and the effects of daily work.

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