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Put tasks on a timeline
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Find key tasks
for project advancement

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Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart in HCL Connections is a graphical representation of all project's tasks on a timeline. Application allows for quick and intuitive creation of new tasks, setting priorities and assigning team members. Gantt Chart lets you present product's life cycle and manage your projects effectively engaging all employess.

Human resources chart

Graphical visualization of tasks for a recently opened activity subdivided for individual users let's you control the workload of employees. A list of tasks completed on schedule or stretched in time will tell you how effective singular team members are.

Chart level management

Application permits task management straight from Gantt chart or human resources level. It enables tasks edition, alerting selected employees or posting comments. It makes HCL Connection even more useful and user-friendly software.

Are you a Manager or a Member of a Team?

You will benefit from:

  • Efficient task and project progress tracking
  • Easy human resources allocation and control
  • Accurate estimation of time needed for completion of individual tasks
  • Quick access to information about complexity of currently executed tasks
  • Intuitive software that boosts teamwork in your enterprise

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