Gantt Charts - a simple way to track the progress of the activities
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Are you using IBM Connections activities?

With Gantt Charts for IBM Connections you will gain new opportunities!

Critical task
Marking a task as critical you will gain the ability to determine the critical path
Time line
You denote the beginning and end of the task on the timeline
You always know that the task is crucial in action

Manage activities and executive team

Gantt chart

Graphical presentation of all currently open activity, the steps are in the right place on the time line, which facilitates engaging competent persons to perform specified activities.

Human resources chart

Graphical presentation of the steps currently open activities, broken down by individual users. It allows you to check the load of human resources engaged in the activity.

Management directly from a chart

Activities management directly from a Gantt chart or human resources by edit or the ability to notify the selected people, the IBM Connections becomes even more useful and user friendly software.

Are you a Manager or a Member of a Team?

With us you get:

  • An efficient tool for tracking the progress and implementation of the actions
  • Load of human resources tracking
  • Efficient estimation of the time necessary to implement individual activities
  • Quick access to information about the complexity of the operations
  • Power of teamwork in your business
  • Easy way to analyse the effectiveness of the implementation of activities by individual contractors

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