Quick presentation
of the most important information platform for social

Content management in HCL Connections? Gain new capabilities through Content Management application

Landing page

Showcase interrelated information in one place

Company intranet

Develop internal communication within company

The user’s desktop

Priority information always in one spot

Present the most important information for you

Information portal

The system has all necessary functionalities to present information gathered from social platform as a web portal or a home page. It enables easy web site creation and content updates without need of programming skills. Data aggregation makes access to sought information easier and faster.

Data sources

Presented content comes directly from HCL Connections. Social profiles, communities, files, tabs, blogs, wiki or forums – all of them can fulfill the role of a data source. Accessible data modules can be elements of a private or a public layer.

Content management

sing page layouts, compositions or different modules available in solution allows building of a functioning environment encompassing edited content and information incoming from other applications and systems. Either intranet applications or other HCL Connections components are a viable source.

Are you a Manager or a member of a team?

You will benefit from:

  • Ability to retrieve information from HCL Connections application and to present it in any layout
  • Capability to create and update web sites with no programming skills whatsoever
  • Efficient web site design process based on pre-defined templates
  • Significant reduction of time needed to edit web sites
  • Access to information by authorized users from anywhere using any connected devices