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Content management in IBM Connections?

With Content management for IBM Connections you will gain new opportunities!

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You will present information related themes in one place
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Develop internal communication in your company
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You will always have the most important information at hand

Present the most important information for you

Information portal

Presentation of information gathered from social platform in the form of a portal or home page. The aggregation of data allows for faster access to the desired information.

Data sources

Collected information comes directly from IBM Connections. Available modules profiles, files, bookmarks, blogs, wikis, activities, discussion forums or community serve as data sources. They can be elements of both public and private layer.

Content management

Use of available layouts in the solution, the composition and the various types of modules allows to build a functioning environment combining-edited content and information from different applications and environments. They may be applications or intranet content components in IBM Connections.

Are you a Manager or a member of a team?

With us you get:

  • Ability to retrieve information from IBM Connections in presenting them in any order
  • An efficient process of creating pages based on pre-defined templates
  • The ability to create and update websites without programming skills
  • Fast and reliable mechanism for assigning parties templates that define a uniform look throughout the page / site
  • Reducing the time associated with the editing site
  • Access to information and their editing by authorized users from any location using the devices in the network

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