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HCL Connections is an enterprise-collaboration platform putting people and their knowledge at the center of work. It brings together all employees and allows them to share ideas, know-how and gives them real influence upon implementation of business solutions. Product created by IBM has been improved with new functions allowing for more efficient and productive work flow.

Take your internal communications to next level with HCL Connections.

HCL Connections is guided by experience, challenges and ideas of customers that use Connections environment every day. New modifications and functionalities are responses for their needs.


Cooperate with people who have similar experience. Improve and discuss new concepts within associates community. Develop innovative projects through common initiative and ideas.

Thanks to HCL Connections you will integrate new employees more efficiently using knowledge base shared via blogs, forums, Wiki or documents.


Integrate employee's community with business processes within enterprise. Build valuable community networks. Increase commitment and unleash people's creativity. Allow discussions, comments and sharing of ideas.

HCL Connections system will help employees with finding co-workers by different criteria, including post, department or expert knowledge. You will easily connect with a professional that you need.


Each user has unlimited access to shared documents, presentations, files and multimedia. Spend less time looking for documents. Create content in cooperation with co-workers, make adjustments and post comments.

Arrange team's work. Display employee's and project team's task lists. Set priorities and monitor progress.

Integrate in one place – OrientMe, applications and environments that you use for work.

We know that implementation of a new tool in organization and introducing it to employees is challenging. We will not only take care of installing the environment but also of training and service.

Why HCL Connections 6.5?

OrientMe – personalized main page integrates tools, applications and tasks. All work in one place: tasks, connections, calendar, notes, knowledge base.

SocialSidebar – extendible navigation pane, granting access to HCL Connections application in every web site.

Touchpoint – intuitive, internal creator connects users with proper networks and content. Helps with integration of new employees in the company.

Activities Plus – project management software. All employees can easily and automatically manage tasks, teamwork, projects and schedules.

Coming soon…

Integration with SharePoint, Office 365, Domino and SameTime

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Over 30 years of shaping history thought us to listen, learn and work. For that reason together with our customers we achieve advantage over competition.

We are delivering modern, comprehensive solutions for companies and institutions. Solutions that implement latest technologies for data storage, processing, management and sharing information, documents, digital data and knowledge.

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