Notes Domino
Your local email client.

HCL Notes isn’t just about email


Everything you need to work in one place

Save time

Quickly find key information


You can work from anywhere the way you want

Email, calendar, and contacts

HCL Notes provides modern email support. It allows you to send and receive email, manage your calendar, and maintain contacts with customers and colleagues. HCL Notes guarantees the security and privacy of your correspondence.
Improved user interface and improvement of basic mail features, transforms daily email into an operations center and application essential for your work.

Notes seamlessly integrates Domino collaboration tools and business applications

Your business apps in one place – Domino

With HCL Notes, you’ll give business users access to Domino apps at a convenient time and location. You can access the app, both online and offline.

Check out Domino’s environment for building enterprise-class apps!

Build a community in your business – Connections

HCL Notes lets you manage community files directly from your email. Browse, download, follow, comment on and share the most important information with your team and share your knowledge.

Check out HCL Connections!

Instant Communication – Sametime

Online meetings and video conferences have become a daily occurrence. Instant team communication is essential to achieve project success. HCL Sametime offers a unified environment for messaging, audio/video meetings, and data transfer.

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Next-generation software

HCL Verse

Business email that understands how you work.

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HCL Sametime

Instantly communicate online with audio, video, and data sharing.

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HCL Connections

HCL Connections

Know your business in one place, files, ideas and documents.

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HCL Domino Volt

Easily and quickly create low-code business applications.

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HCL Domino

A secure platform for building business applications.

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