HCL Domino Volt
Build apps instantly

Great-looking apps in minutes with the HCL Domino Volt

Easy design

Create an app using the drag-and-drop interface

Quick deployment

Run complete apps up to 60-70% faster

Global availability

HCL Domino Volt supports 31 languages

Apps for everyone

HCL Domino Volt is an addition to the classic Domino that makes it easy to build advanced and secure enterprise applications without specialized IT skills.
You’ll create an app from a blank workspace, spreadsheet, or importing an existing app.


Create a complete application with forms, views and workflow with HCL Domino Volt in minutes. This solution works in every industry – from finance to healthcare, logistics and manufacturing.
Domino Volt is stability and safety.

Reduced costs

Why invest in other low-code tools when you have a secure application development platform with Domino HCL and HCL Domino Volt?
Adding Domino Volt to your existing Domino app is simple and requires no additional management work. Add additional tools to your apps.

Meet HCL Domino Volt

Domino version 11 users

Domino Volt is available to Domino’s version 11 customers. There is a surcharge on the standard license.

Check Domino v11

Domino version 10 and older users

Update to Version 11 of Domino Volt and create new apps instantly.

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