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People power your business.
Connections powers your people.

Meet HCL Connections

Investing in HCL Connections is an investment in the future of your business

HCL Connections is a corporate social platform based on people and their knowledge. It brings together all employees of the company and enables them to share ideas, knowledge and gives them a real impact on the processes of implementation of solutions. IBM’s solution has been enhanced with a series of features to work more efficiently and efficiently.
Take internal communication to the next level with HCL Connections.
HCL Connections is guided by the experiences, problems and ideas of customers who regularly use the Connections environment. The new functionalities and modifications introduced are the answer to their needs.

Use collective knowledge

Collaborate with people with similar experience. Improve and discuss new concepts within the co-worker community. Develop innovative projects with common initiatives and ideas.
With HCL Connections, you can more efficiently deploy new employees using the knowledge base provided in blogs, forums, wikis, or documents.

Engage the entire organization

Integrate the employee community into your company’s business processes. Build valuable community networks. Increase employee engagement and unleash their creativity. Allow discussions, comments and sharing your ideas.
HCL Connections will help employees find the right collaborators according to a variety of criteria, including position, department, or expertise. It’s easy to find the expert you need and connect with them.

Optimize your work organization

Each user has unlimited access to shared documents, presentations, files, or media. Spend less time searching for documents. Create content with your colleagues, make corrections, and add comments.
Organize your team’s work. View task lists of employees, project teams. Prioritize and monitor task execution.
Integrate in one place – OrientMe, the apps and environments you use while you work.

We know that implementing a new tool in the organization and engaging employees is difficult. We will take care not only of the implementation of the environment, but also of training and service.
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Why HCL Connections 7.0?

OrientMe – a personalized home page integrates tools, applications and tasks. Work in one place: tasks, community network, calendar, notes, knowledge base. Touchpoint – an intuitive, built-in wizard connects users to the right networks and content. Helps you deploy new employees faster in your business.
SocialSidebar – retractable dashboard, provides access to HCL Connections application on any website. Activities Plus – project management software. Each employee can easily and automatically organize tasks, teamwork, projects and schedules.

Learn about our solutions for expanding HCL Connections

The main goal of the application is best adaptation of existing solutions to the needs of users

Gantt Charts

A simple way to track the progress of the actions
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Content Management

A quick presentation of the most important information a social platfo
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Projects Management

Social project management is another dimension of work organisation
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