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We have many years of experience in the field of e-mail implementation (internal and external), document management platforms, resources and document circulation, social platforms and direct communication, portal platforms.

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We specialize in designing and creating dedicated applications running on the HCL Notes/Domino platform (formerly IBM Notes/Domino, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino).

We precede the design and implementation of the application with an analysis of the customer’s needs. Using our experience and on the basis of the information and conversations provided, we can adapt the proposed solution to the real needs and expectations of the client.

We create applications:

  • classic, using HCL Notes client,
  • HCL XPages technology, accessible from a web browser and mobile devices,
  • alternative back-end (Java, Node.js) and front-end (Angular, React, Vue).

We also have extensive experience in creating:

  • HCL Notes/Domino relational database data integrators (MSSQOL, Postgres SQL, MySQL),
  • integration scripts for the Security Directory Integrator (formerly IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator).

We also offer:

  • modernization and development of existing customer applications,
  • application to WCAG 2.1.

Creating an application dedicated to a specific client is based on several basic stages of work, in which dedicated employees of our company participate in cooperation with the Client.

HCL Technical
Support (IBM)

As part of servicing and managing HCL-based platforms (formerly IBM) Notes/Domino, we provide the following services:

HCL Platform Service (IBM) Notes/Domino

  • Platform configuration analysis and configuration repair or optimization.
  • Service of applications running on the platform.
  • Help-desk support for platform users.
  • Support for administrators and application designers.

Notes/Domino Environmental Safety Audit for:

  • manage users, passwords, certificates, ID files,
  • Permissions to use servers
  • Permissions related to access to mailboxes and applications
  • Review server configuration documents
  • HCL Notes (IBM Notes) workstation configuration and security assessments
  • tools to monitor and log events in the system,
  • methods for backing up and archiving data.

HCL (IBM) Notes/Domino Platform Management

  • On-site HCL (IBM) Notes/Domino installation is remotely made available to our company’s professionals on a clearly defined basis. The platform is remotely supervised and monitored by our specialists.
  • The client accesses application and infrastructure specialists who become customer change management advisors, assist in updating application versions, help optimize architecture and proper environment configuration, etc.
  • The client receives professional care of the communication and application environment, which is crucial for the company’s operation, and at the same time an experienced partner in projects consisting in its modification or expansion.

The security analysis of HCL Notes/Domino environments can be extended to assess the security and correctness of network operating system configurations.