HCL Connections – leading intranet software according to Summer 2020 report by G2.com

17th of July 2020 / 4 minutes of reading

HCL Connections has been awarded “Summer Leader 2020” in the intranet software category by g2.com. One of the factors for awarding the title is the opinions of customers using the environment.

HCL Connections is a stable intranet environment that helps you organize and easily distribute content, information, and documentation across your organization. No matter where the employees are or what tools they use. Built-in functionalities of HCL Connections allow two-way communication between employee and leader management levels.

The most relevant opinions on HCL Connections come from customer feedback on the g2.com portal. A few of them are presented below (original spelling):

“HCL Connections – Social connectivity with in organization.

This is based on service oriented architecture which makes it great. In the homepage, one can find widgets which can be customized as per the needs (user need). It provides online directory of people with in organization. Its always great to know other people before you start working with them on a project/task.”

May 6th, 2020
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“Is a very innovative way to connect with team members.

Creating a relaxing and pleasant environment or working is the main feature of this respective application. It simplifies communication and cooperation between my staff and helps me to create forums, blogs, and instantaneous text in an attractive way, thanks to its incredibly powerful tools.  This awesome software will effectively do this by exchanging files by installing an updated system on your PC and syncing all the information contained in the directories.”

December 17th, 2019
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“Prestigious communication software that allowed the company to consolidate.

I recommend the software because it offers my company a platform with which I can develop communication and collaborative work in a fun and creative way.”

October 15th, 2019
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What is the g2.com platform?

When choosing to buy business software, buyers spend too much time searching for information, reading analytics, reports, and comparing environments. After all this research, they still lack certainty about the choice of environment, and often ultimately most projects do not meet their expectations. The g2.com platform aims to provide unfiltered reviews from users directly using specific business technologies. More than one million reviews are published on the platform. This makes purchasing business software as easy as consumer products.

Are your employees really engaged and productive?

Increase your organization’s productivity with the powerful HCL Connections platform, which delivers connectivity and boosts team engagement.