Why implement project management tools?

25th of May 2020 / 5 minutes of reading

Project management with support tools is not reserved only for large organizations with complex structure. Small project teams, using the right tools, are able to better control the implementation of the planned project and the impact of individual tasks on the end date. When using IBM/Lotus Notes or Domino software, we recommend our proprietary Project Management app.

Article at a glance:

  • The implementation of project management systems is an effective solution for medium-sized and small enterprises. It allows you to provide services on time and aggregate users, terms, files in one environment.
  • Introducing the 5 most useful features of project management.
  • The Gantt chart allows you to plan tasks and set critical paths. Planning, assignment, and timely execution of tasks is key to building strong customer relationships.

Why implement productive project management and what does it mean in practice?

Is project management tool is needed in your organization? Do you carry out projects in a timely manner, and delays or internal communication problems happen sporadically? Take a closer look at this solution, however!

How do you commission tasks to a team? How do you assess performance? How do you communicate with colleagues? The implementation of the project, especially the one, which is being worked on by several dozen people and an external client without the right tools is possible, but sometimes tiring and tedious. What are the effects of the lack of good management of commissioned projects? One of them is delays in the provision of services, which translates into customer disloyalty, annoyance, anger and tension within the team and additional costs in the implementation of the project.

You can systematize task and project management and close all communication in one application.

What is a Gantt chart?

A few words about the graphic presentation, dependent on each other in time terms – this is the Gantt Chart. Gantt’s primary goal is to support the work of the project manager. You can not only plan and control project execution, but also consider the variability of the task being performed.

Interesting fact: Karol Adamiecki, who created the first tool of its kind in 1896, is considered a forerunner of the Gantt Diagram, but he only published it in 1931.

Project management app is not only a Gantt chart, but also a series of additional features that streamline thework, i.e. a human resource chart and task execution monitoring.

Why is Project Management ideal for HCL Connections?

Our project management app extends the functionality of HCL Connections (formerly IBM Connections), which is a community platform for businesses. The application allows you to quickly and intuitively create tasks, prioritize, and assign users to them. Managing several projects is now easier than ever.

In the context of project management, the 5 most useful features of the application are:

1. Imaging the status of tasks in a project

Different colors will be used to mark to-dos with a distant finish deadline, critical tasks, milestone tasks, and endangered tasks that are approaching the due date. Such a data presentation allows you to quickly capture delays in the entire project. The finish date of a task that has not been completed and its deadline has passed will be red.

2. Manage from chart level

You can manage the tasks that are part of your project, directly from the Gantt chart. This is useful when editing the selected task, adding the next task, or subtask. You can notify selected employees and post comments without clicking between app tabs.

3. Human resources

Similar to Gantt’s chart, you can preview information about actions by user activity, or human resources graph. You can view tasks assigned to a user for a single project or for all activities it participates in.

4. Critical path

Setting a critical path and keeping track of deadlines for critical tasks is a step to success in the implementation of the project. A critical path is a stream of such tasks that the delay of any of them delays the completion of the entire project. In the Gantt Chart app, you’ll use a single click to designate a critical path.

5. User Task View

The list of tasks assigned to the logged user is shown in a simple graphical or tabular view, broken down by to-do, threatened, after due date, or completed. All information related to the project may be collected in the HCL Connections community.

By combining Project Management with HCL Connections, you can enclose all project and workers management tools in a single software. It also offers extensive opportunities to coordinate colleagues and save time, which is also a plus when conducting many projects at the same time. We implement our applications based on the customer’s needs and we customize them to his expectations.