3 HCL Connections functionalities that will make your work easier

15th of April 2020 / 6 min of reading

HCL Connections is a company’s internal social network that helps you collaborate, communicate and build strong relationships with colleagues. We present 3 hcl connections functionalities significantly improving the efficiency of daily work and reducing the lead time of the commissioned tasks. All tools within one platform!

Article at a glance:

  • One of the problems in the company is communication in the team. As the statistics point out, the consequences of inefficient communication are non-performance of the task, delays in the execution of the project or even the loss of sales.
  • HCL Connections is a response to the needs of employees and entrepreneurs. The platform is an intuitive tool for bringing together employees.
  • The functionalities presented in the article improve the processes of communication between employees, work in many environments and search for the information needed to perform tasks.

An internal social platform such as HCL Connections is a multifunctional environment based on people and their knowledge. The software is constantly developed for further functionality, and improvements are made based on the opinions and needs of customers regularly using the Connections environment.

The functionalities presented in the article is selected on the basis of the daily problems of employees, which are solved with them. You’ll increase employee efficiency if you streamline the daily activities they spend most of their time on or are problematic for them. that is: distributed work in many environments and applications, finding information and knowledge in different places and communicating with the team. The communication problem is especially important when operating the company in remote or distributed mode.

Next-level internal communication with HCL Connections – Communities

17% of remote workers, when asked about the biggest problems they face, indicated communication with the team. The research was conducted by Buffer in 2019. Communication problems in the team can lead to stressful working conditions, loss of performance and loss of sales.

Survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of Lucidchart among 403 US managers confirms that inefficient workplace communication has led to negative consequences in the company. These failures resulted in an increase in stress levels (52% of respondents), delay or failure to complete the project (44%), missing performance targets(25%) and sales loss in 18% of cases.

It is easier to establish proper communication among colleagues, by providing the right tools for the job. HCL Connections allows you to organize teams and content around common goals and projects. Communities are a place where colleagues with common interests can interact, share information, and exchange ideas. Community members can express their opinions on forums, share blogs, bookmarks, and files. Forums are places to “brainstorm” and gather feedback on topics relevant to the project. Discussion and comments are collected in a format that presents them as a continuous conversation. Aggregation of topics and messages that you provide allows you to work faster, and important information does not die in the volume of messages.

Integrated applications in one environment – Orient Me

Daily work usually starts with checking email, calendar meetings, to-do lists, or progress of your project. Each of these tasks is a separate application window or a new tab in a web browser. HCL Connections simplifies your daily work – with Orient Me. It’s an intuitive, personalized homepage that combines calendars, tasks, notes, and communities in one place. Updates, tasks and information are displayed by priority. The platform allows you to filter, categorize and search thematically projects and tasks. Orient Me ensures that all important contacts and communities are nearby.

HCL Connections is a corporate knowledge base – Sidebar

Employees spend 2.5 hours each day looking for information and learning necessary to perform the their commissioned tasks and daily work. A categorized and collected knowledge base and an accessible expert environment for your company can significantly speed up this process. Sidebar is a retractable dashboard that gives you access to the HCL Connections community anywhere on the network.

Knowledge found in the file database and forums allows you to use proven resources accumulated in the company – documents, presentations. However, the most important aspect of the platform is that HCL Connections is based on people and their knowledge. In the company community, you can find an expert who answers your questions and will help you complete the task, and it will only take 2 clicks with the mouse.

Communities, Orient Me and Sidebar are functionalities that respond to the different needs of employees within their HCL Connections platform. Discover more HCL Connections tools!

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